About The Croft

Our small family of nurseries are set-up to be aspirational yet accessible and fully inclusive to help the communities we serve.

Mission & Values

Our Commitment to you & You child

At the Croft our mission is to nurture and encourage each child to learn and progress within a supportive environment. Dedicated practitioners working together to provide a joyful, stimulating safe world for children to explore and be themselves.

Our aim is to provide a range of fun and challenging indoor and outdoor activities to assist the children in their development in a warm and welcoming environment.
We always strive to excel and adhere to best practice.

While children are taught by all educators in a room, Each child has a key carer who is the main person responsible for their personal development, well-being and progress. A learning journey is sent to parents at the end of each week…to give you a snapshot of what your child has learning during the week and how that relates to the curriculum and EYFS milestones.

"Her key worker is absolutely fantastic and she has built wonderful relationships with other staff members and children."
Abi B.
"The more that you read, the more things you will know, the more that you learn, the more places you’ll go."
Dr. Seuss
Give them the best start

Why choose Croft Day Nursery?


Inclusive Rates

Our rates are all inclusive so that the price you see is the price you pay. All extra-curricular activities are included so that no child misses out

Extra Help

wraparound care

Additional wraparound care for working parents includes Breakfast club; Later Collection Sessions and Baby-sitting (arranged directly with our First Aid Trained and DBS checked staff)


healthy eating

Provide education in nutrition, healthy eating and healthy lifestyles


We over staff

Ratios of children to staff are above requirements and continuity is helped as no bank or temporary staff are used


outside areas

The children have opportunities to run, climb, balance and jump, dig, grow produce and enjoy messy play in our outside areas

Special Moments

Graduation ceremony

We hold a Graduation ceremony and fun day annually for the Pre-schoolers where they don caps and gowns and receive a certificate. A professional photographer is on hand to provide some wonderful mementos of the events.


environmentally responsible

We continually look for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and support environmental issues


Forest school trained

Our Forest school trained staff provide child with a valuable and enjoyable insight in to nature and the world around them


clean teeth

The Croft provides children with environmentally friendly bamboo tooth brushes; children clean their teeth daily at mealtimes and are encouraged to follow good oral hygiene practices

security & Safety

Fully DBS checked

All staff have an up to date ‘Disclosure and Barring Service’ (DBS) check


food hygiene certified

All staff will obtain a food hygiene certificate when they start with us


National Day Nurseries Association

We hold a full membership with the National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA)


Sun Protection

We are affiliated with Sunsafe to ensure that child learn good practices when having fun outside


Sainsbury’s Fit Kid vouchers

We support Sainsbury’s Fit Kid vouchers and Nestle Box Top for book tokens

Reduce Distraction

We apply neutral tones to walls within all Croft Day Nursery settings to allow children to engage in activities and be less distracted.

Open Door Policy

speak with key staff

We operate an open door policy so that parents can speak with key carers, room leaders and management at any time;

Your opinion Counts

parent’s input

We conduct regular parent’s questionnaires so that parents can help to shape the service which we provide


First Aid Trained

All staff hold a Paediatric first aid certificate

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"The Croft is a truly amazing nursery. My daughter attended several nurseries in the area. However, we have found the best one now! She has been the happiest and learnt the most here."
Krisztina E.
nurturing Development

Education at The Croft

What is the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)?

The foundation stage recognises that children need to be able to use concrete experiences to provide the building blocks for their learning. The Croft offers a broad and balanced curriculum, based on the early years stage compiled by EYFS, utilising play: modelling; painting; investigating; cooking and circle-time discussions as mediums for learning.

Early Years Foundation Stage – 7 Areas of Learning

Skills designed to develop their confidence guiding the children to make sense of the physical world and their community.  Observe and find out about people, places, technology and their environment.

For the younger children (0-3) most of their activities are through Play. Play is one of the most important ways in which young children gain essential knowledge and skills.  Play is meaningful, joyful, engaging, interactive and socially interactive.

For the pre-schooler’s activities become more “adult led” as their focus increases on literacy and maths and leaning programmes such as letters and Sounds.  It will still all be full of fun, praise, fostering both motivation and a love for learning

A Parents’ Guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework

‘A year and a half after leaving, my son is still excited about dropping in to pick his sister up. It's a wonderful setting and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.’
Abi B.
“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”
Albert Einstein
Healthy Eating


our ongoing commitment to your child's nutritional health & safety

The Croft encourage the children to eat well and learn about food, setting foundations for their future health and wellbeing. It is a social time with adults and children eating together and we encourage good behaviour and excellent table manners. Staff are aware of and respect all allergies, medical and cultural differences in eating habits.

We are fortunate in that we have a dedicated team who love to provide innovative and healthy menu options for the children, which are regularly updated.

The Croft is currently participating in the Healthy Early Years London awards scheme.

‘My daughter has multiple food allergies and this is managed wonderfully’
Abi B.

Food Hygiene

Hygiene and safe practice are very important at The Croft and our settings all have 5-star Food Hygiene Ratings.

In addtion to this, all staff will obtain a food hygiene certificate when they start with us.


We observe a strict approach to managing and controlling allergens. So that children do not feel different from their friends, we always produce meal variants to allow for their various allergen needs while still enjoying the same meal.

We're Nut free


The nursery runs ‘Super-Food of the Week’ competitions which the children participate in. This promotes their understanding of healthy food and a healthy balanced diet.

The curriculum includes cooking activities for the children as a fun and educational introduction…which they can also enjoy afterwards!
We regularly have ‘foods from around the world’ weeks to introduce different flavours from different cultures.

The Croft is currently participating in the Healthy Early Years London (HEYL) awards scheme which supports a healthy start in life. Further information is available here:

Healthy Early Years London (HEYL) awards scheme

Frequently Asked Questions


Some of our most common questions answered for your here. Should you have any questions not covers here, please don’t hesitate to ask. Click here to contact us. 

Generally because we are a small nursery we only offer the specified days on the fee schedule but please talk to us about your needs.

As all meals are prepared freshly on the premises all dietary requirements are catered for. The Dietary Requirement List is prominently displayed and checked at every meal. Should any reaction occur all staff are trained in both first aid and the use of an epi-pen.

In baby nursery a communication book records your baby’s day in detail including all activities, outings, nappy changes, food, drinks, bottles and how much they slept.

Once they move to the nursery school this is replaced by a weekly update. This report contains a comments on aspects of your child’s development and activities they have participated in during the week.

Children are automatically moved up to the next class when it is appropriate. Parents do not need to reapply (they should however be mindful that a clear term’s notice is required if they want to withdraw their child).

No, you must fill in application form for each child. Siblings are however given a priority in our waiting list.

Your first point of contact should always be your child’s teacher. You can send them an email or please feel free to stop and have a chat at the morning drop off.

We understand that these things can happen and try to accommodate for such instances. Contact the office as soon as possible if you will be late. There is a charge for being late, this fee is stipulated in the terms and conditions.

Depending on staff availability it may be possible to accommodate your child for additional ad-hoc hours. These additional hours are charged in line with our normal fee schedule. Please contact the office to discuss your needs.

Some teachers provide babysitting outside of hours and this should be discussed with them directly. We may be able to advise you as to which teachers you should speak to. This is a private arrangement for which the school accepts no responsibility.

If your child is in baby nursery their communication book will always state what and how much they ate. All ages in school house can receive a food slip that indicates how well your child ate. Please notify the office if you require one.

We operate an ‘open-door’ policy which means you can discuss your child’s progress with their keyworker at anytime. In addition to this we operate 2 parents evenings a year so that you can have the opportunity to view the children’s work and discuss their progress with their teacher. During the term you are also welcome to arrange a meeting with your teacher if it is required. You can also email your teacher.

In the mornings children must be taken in their classroom and handed over to a member of staff. You must also sign your child in.

You should proceed to the waiting area where you child will be brought to you.

Its very upsetting when your child is distressed at drop off but we find that they settle very quickly and happily when their parent has left. It is best to keep your good-bye as brief as you feel comfortable with and remain as positive and upbeat as you can. Please discuss any concerns you have with your child’s teacher.

Each child will have a settling in process. This differs by age. You and your child will gradually increase, over the course of a week, the time your child is at the nursery without you. This process will be worked out with your key worker on an individual basis.

All minor bumps, scrapes and grazes are treated with tlc and first aid as appropriate and then noted in the accident book. You will be required to sign this entry at the end of the day. An ambulance will be called for anything that requires a hospital visit and a parent or guardian will notified immediately.

You will be contact immediately if your child is ill and you will be required to collect them as soon as possible.

We encourage our children to eat as healthy as possible and provide every child with a healthy balanced diet each day. Visit our Food & Menu’s page for more information.

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